Hello my Dear Friends!
My name is Tamara, I’m an artist and paint with oil. I’m originally from Russia (Siberia). At the end of 2014 I moved to the USA, in Michigan. I got married here and live in a happy marriage with a wonderful person. We have a dog and a year ago we took in a stray cat. We are now a family of a four.
When I moved to Michigan, I fell in love with the local landscapes, the countryside and the farms. I always like the way they look, especially the old ones. I ‘ve never seen anything like it. I also love nature: mountains, rivers and lakes. My favorite vacation is camping in nature in the forest, or snorkeling in the ocean.
In 2015, I felt the desire to paint in oils. I bought everything I needed.  I began to study and my first paintings promoted a lot of positive feedback. You can see my first work here. I do not know how I painted these pictures and how I still paint them. Relatives call it talent. My answer is: God moves my hand. I do not know another reason. I feel it like that.
I have always admired someone else’s painting, and now I’m an even happier person, I enjoy my painting too. Often art evokes different emotions and even memories. And if looking at my pictures, you will have some feelings, or you just like them and cause you to have positive emotions, then I do it all for a reason.
Each of my creations convey some energy, it’s fundamentally positive, because I create all this with love.
Hope you enjoyed it!  All the best to you!